Fun and Function!

Fun and Function!

Rogz's answer to having fun and getting your dog’s teeth and tongue cleaned.

Rogz Fossy Grinz Tongue Cleaning Technology

The Rogz Flossy Grinz is a dog toy that not only encourages hunting-style exuberance during play time with your pet pooch, but also assists with teeth cleaning, gum massaging and even tongue scrubbing!

Made from TPR, the body has a tongue cleaning surface whilst the ropes help to clean those fangs.

It can be thrown, fetched and bounces as well - AND has a squeaker! 

Choose from our 5 Rogzalicious colours, in one of 3 sizes.


  • Teeth Cleaning - Get their teeth cleaned whilst having fun!
  • Tongue Cleaning- TCT ridges to promote fresh breath.
  • Squeak - Designed to provide endless excitement for your dog.
  • Shake - To promote hunting-style exuberance in your dog.
  • Bite-o-Meter - HARD


CE Approved, Non-Toxic, TPR

Rogz Fossy Grinz Sizes

Rogz Fossy Grinz BlueRogz Fossy Grinz RedRogz Fossy Grinz PinkRogz Fossy Grinz OrangeRogz Fossy Grinz Lime Green

2nd Mar 2019 Carolyn McEwan

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