Pooch Pickup OxoBio 100ct

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  • Pooch Pickup OxoBio 100ct
  • Pooch Pickup OxoBio 100ct


Travel size, pet clean-up bags. Scented, degradable bags with handy tie handles. Dimensions 14.5cm x 25.5cm. Carton of 100 bags

Over the years plastic has gotten bad rap—and with good reason. More than a million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals die every year from ingesting or getting tangled up in the stuff. We believe in cleaning up with a clean conscience. That’s why we designed our new Pooch-Pick-Up® bags with Symphony d2w® plastic. They’re just as durable as your typical plastic bag, but without all the “baggage.” Symphony’s controlled-life plastic technology allows our Pooch-Pick-Up bags to dissolve in open air in as little as twelve months, which means they won't end up becoming a permanent piece of litter. You can't put a price on that kind of peace of mind; but at pennies on the poop, these bags are priced for daily use. Made with Symphony’s d2w® Short-Life Plastic Durable, Yet Degradable Material Easy Tie Handles for Quick Pick-Up Unscented Priced for Daily Use

  • Degrades in Landfills if Oxygen Present
  • Short-life Plastic
  • Quick Pick-Up
  • Economical for Daily Use
  • Easy Tie Handles
  • Scented Bags
  • 14.5cm x 25.5cm bags
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