What is a Snuffle Mat?

What is a Snuffle Mat?

What is a Snuffle Mat?

What is a snuffle Mat?

  • A Snuffle Mat is a mental enrichment puzzle for your dog.
  • Snuffling or foraging is a normal instinct that all dogs have. Your dog (or cat) will have to use their nose to ‘sniff out’ where you have left the food.
  • Mental exercise is equally important for you dog as physical exercise.

How do they work?

  • Snuffle mats work best if you give them a good shake before use, allowing the fleece to stand up on end.
  • You simply sprinkle your dog’s dry food or dry treats over the mat.
  • Wave your hand over the top to allow the treats to sink into the fleece. And then let your dog snuffle!

Why is it good for my dog?

  • It is a fantastic way to provide mental stimulation and prevent boredom and destructive behaviours.
  • Sniffing is also a calming action for dogs. This can be a great tool to help provide a calm and positive environment for excitable dogs.
  • It is also an effective way of slowing down fast eaters, which is much healthier for your dog!
  • They are great for dogs on restricted physical exercise due to illness, injury or age.
  • Also, they are very handy on those rainy days, when play is restricted to inside.

Why choose a PittaPatta Snuffle Mat?

  • Each of our mats are handmade and fully customizable.
  • They are made with high quality rubber mats and top-grade fleece.
  • Each piece of fleece is cut to the perfect length and hand tied with a double knot to maximise the perfect snuffling environment which is safe for your dog.
  • Mats cannot be machined washed. Best method is to hand wash fleece, rinsing well and leave out to dry.
  • As always, your dog should be supervised when using any enrichment toy. Do not allow your dog to chew the fleece or mat.

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Snuffle Mat

30th May 2017 Kylie Elliott

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