Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash Blue + Free Tab Leash

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  • Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash Blue
  • Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash Blue
  • Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash Blue webbing widths
  • Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash over the shoulder option
  • Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash Blue connected to Balance Harness
  • Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash Blue doubled over
$29.50 - $32.40


Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash in Blue, includes one FREE 22cm x 1.5cm Blue Tab LeashBlue-9 Multi-function Leash over shoulder

The Multi-Function Leash was made specifically to utilise the Blue-9 Balance Harness or Blue-9 Balance Harness Slip Over dual attachment points. The lead is made of a high quality strong webbing

Attach your Multi-Function Leash to both D rings of the balance harness while walking your dog.

When attached to the balance harness the front clip helps with guiding and re-directing your dog while the back clip can be used for overall body control.

The leash has 3 D rings and 2 snap hooks for ultimate customisation and control.

Use the Blue-9 leash in multiple different ways!

  • Regular 183cm (6 ft) leash
  • Doubled over 107cm (3.5 ft) leash
  • Over the shoulder/hands-free leash
  • Double attachment leash for the Balance Harness

Lead Sizes:

  • Small/Medium
    • Webbing width is 1.6cm (5/8")
    • Snap hook weight of approx. 17g (0.6 oz) and is 6.35cm (2.5") long
  • Medium/Large
    • Webbing Width is 2.5cm (1")
    • Snap hook weight of approx. 42g (1.5 oz) and is 7.6cm (3″) long

Induded with the multi-function lead is one FREE 22cm x 1.5cm Tab Leash

The mini tab leash is a convenient leash that balances freedom and control.
This 22cm quick-grab tab training leash is a versatile tool that can be used to transition dogs to off-leash heeling and advanced obedience. 

Blue-9 Multi-function Leash connected to Balance HarnessBlue-9 Multi-function Leash folded over for short lead

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